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What to Expect During Root Canal Treatment

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Evan
What to Expect During Root Canal TreatmentThe root canal is a technique that helps to treat a tooth that cannot be restored using other dentistry procedures. The dentist may recommend this procedure to save your tooth from extraction. However, many people fear root canal treatment because they do not know what to expect. By explaining what a root canal entails, you will be able to fight those fears.

Root Canal Treatment Is Performed Under a Local Anesthetic

The biggest concern about a root canal is pain. No one would indeed like to experience pain. But the reality is that you should not expect pain during root canal treatment. The dentist will introduce an anesthetic to numb your mouth. These drugs will turn off the pain signals. Thus, you will only feel certain stimuli but not pain. The dentist will use the right amount of local anesthetic to make you feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

You Will Get a Lot of X-Rays

A root canal procedure involves treating the affected pulp or nerve. Thus, the dentist will require multiple X-rays to access the damaged area properly. Thanks to the digital world, which makes X-rays fast and convenient. You may not even know that the dentist is taking X-rays.

Expect Some Minor Pressure

While you will get local anesthetic, it will not turn off the pressure signals. It only switches off pain signals. Hence, you should expect to feel pressure and movements during root canal treatment. But sometimes, it can be challenging to differentiate between what you see and feel.

You Might Experience Moderate Pain After Root Canal Treatment

Experiencing pain after root canal treatment is normal. However, the pain should go away after a few days. The dentist can prescribe some pain medication to help you manage the pain. You may also require some antibiotics to prevent bacterial infection. Before root canal treatment, our dentists will give you complete information about what to expect.
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