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What You Need To Know About Oral Health Education

Posted on 4/10/2023 by Evan
What You Need To Know About Oral Health EducationIt is essential to be educated about oral health and hygiene. People can have good dental hygiene when oral health education is frequently done. Poor oral health can have a detrimental effect on the life of people. The following are the forms of oral health education that should be often given.

Oral health education in school

Children in school must be frequently educated on the importance of oral health. Learning to take care of oral health is a lifetime skill. Children should learn how to brush and floss their teeth and also the frequency of brushing their teeth.

School sealant programs

The sealant program in schools effectively reaches millions of children and introduces sealants to their teeth. Children are prone to tooth decay as their teeth are fragile and need gentle care. A tooth sealant is a thin plastic coating placed on the surface of the tooth enamel that helps in preventing the development of tooth cavities.

Oral Health Practices

Oral health education should give the guidelines that lead to best oral health practices. Instructions and guidance to ensure oral health practices should be a priority during oral health education. Evidence-based advice, instructions, and recommendations on the products used should be given during the education programs.

Healthy food and products practices

It is important to note that food and drinks also contribute to the general well-being of oral hygiene. Sugary foods and drinks promote tooth decay. An alternative of foods that promote healthy oral hygiene should be given. Harmful substances such as tobacco products have an impact on oral health. Therefore, quit the use of tobacco to ensure healthy oral hygiene.


Oral health education should be a regular life skill taught to children and the larger community. This helps ensure healthy oral practices in the community and promotes general well-being.
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