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Reasons Crooked Teeth Tend to Get More Cavities

Posted on 3/20/2023 by Evan
Reasons Crooked Teeth Tend to Get More CavitiesHaving crooked and misaligned teeth is a very common occurrence in both children and adults. Many people do not feel the need to straighten them. In fact, some traditions encourage people who have misaligned teeth as they consider them unique with a personalized charm to a smile. However, if the alignment of your teeth does not make you happy, you can always visit us to get them fixed.

Crooked Teeth and Oral Health

To some people, crooked teeth are enough to destroy their self-esteem. While an imperfect set of teeth can hugely dent your self-confidence, it can also decide to do the same to your oral hygiene. Crooked teeth may crowd and overlap each other, making it difficult to clean and remove plaque. As the plaque continues to stay intact due to a lack of proper cleaning, it hardens and forms tartar. When tartar forms, it is best to book an appointment with us for removal.

In addition to forming tartar, the gaps present between misaligned teeth encourage the growth of bacteria in sensitive places around the gum, making the gums gradually deplete. This is because it is harder for a toothbrush and floss to fit into the spaces. If teeth are not straightened, periodontal disease might form.

How to Straighten Crooked Teeth

Both children and adults can get their teeth realigned to get a proper smile. We offer solutions that can straighten teeth for all our patients. We will first need to perform a thorough oral exam followed by a bite analysis to determine the best treatment option. We will determine whether to address your dental realignment or use orthodontic treatment. Today, many orthodontic treatments can be used to fix your misaligned teeth. If you, your friend, or family member want to straighten your teeth, schedule a consultation with us. We are determined to help you restore your attractive smile.
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