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Causes And Prevention Of Tooth Infection

Posted on 7/24/2023 by Evan
Causes And Prevention Of Tooth InfectionProper dental care prevents the formation of dental-related complications that hinders one's peace of mind. The painful nights and discomfort situations, especially during meals, are never forgotten by people who have experienced dental infections. Unfortunately, we advise people to ensure suitable dental measures to avoid such extreme complications to no avail.

Tooth infections are caused by pus buildup, mainly from bacterial infection. In most cases, this occurs due to the unattended accumulation of plaque and tartar around the teeth and on the gum line, resulting in tooth abscess formation.


Dental infection is caused by bacteria infection. Your mouth contains millions of bacteria that rely on the food particles remnant and sugary contents leftovers to feed on. Once the bacteria feed on them, they produce acidic contents as by-products. When left lingering over the teeth, they eat up the enamel, exposing the inner tissues, the dentin, and pulp cavities. The exposed inner parts of the teeth are susceptible to bacterial infection, leading to tooth infection. On the gum, the formation of tartar and plaque accumulation results in pus and inflammations, which bleeds heavily during brushing. The infections, when left untreated for long, may result in extreme cases of bone and teeth loss.


To reduce the risk of tooth infections, it's always advisable to observe good oral hygiene. We recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day or after every meal to flush away the remnant of food particles. Although brushing your teeth may seem crucial, so is flossing. Brushing your teeth may leave bacteria and accumulated food particles in the grooves below the gum line, which may be effectively eliminated by flossing.

Alcohol consumption has been identified as a vital contributor to tooth infection due to the poor dental care associated with its use. Therefore, avoid alcohol consumption for better oral condition.

Seek quality medical attention at our clinic today for information and preventive measures for tooth infections. Call us and schedule an appointment today.
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