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What Is Tongue-Tie?

Posted on 10/31/2023 by na
Young man with mouth openSouth Main Dental in Pontotoc, MSTongue-tie is a condition that restricts tongue movements. It usually happens when the tissue connecting the tongue and the floor of the mouth (frenulum) is shorter than usual. In most cases, this oral condition runs in the family or affects kids with issues that impact the face and the floor of the mouth. Many kids with tongue-tie do not get a good latch onto the breast, making it challenging to breastfeed.

As the child grows, they may find it difficult to pronounce certain words because of the limited range of motion of the tongue. In addition, it can lead to cavities and gum disease because cleaning under the tongue may be challenging. The good thing is that a dentist can help to treat tongue-tie. Treatment options may include:


Not all kids with tongue-tie require treatment. Sometimes, the frenulum can stretch, giving the tongue the freedom to move. However, if there are no chances for the tongue to move, a dentist may suggest a frenotomy.

Frenotomy is a minor surgery that causes less discomfort in kids. This is because the floor of the mouth, under the tongue, has fewer blood vessels and nerve endings. Hence, a professional can perform this surgery on children without anesthesia. Frenotomy involves cutting or modifying the frenulum to allow the kids to breastfeed without issues.


Frenuloplasty is similar to frenotomy in that they both aim to improve tongue mobility. The only difference is that frenuloplasty is a surgery designed for older children and adults. As you are aware, tongue-tie may not cause issues in childhood. Hence, some people retain it into their adulthood without treating it. However, it can cause problems in adult life. That's when a professional may suggest frenuloplasty.

This surgery requires general anesthesia because the dentist may make incisions and stitches. Book an appointment with our dental team today and learn how tongue-tie can affect the quality of your life.

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