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The Impact of Medications on Oral Health

Posted on 12/1/2023 by Weo Admin
[[[pic:GettyImages-1016764012.jpg|400||right|TPimg-responsive TPimgRight| healthy teeth and oral hygeine]]Medications can have various impacts on your oral health. These impacts will have different results on your mouth depending on the specific medications, dose amount, and your factors. Here are some of the effects of medicines on your oral health:

Dry Mouth

Medications such as antihistamines or antidepressants can lead to a dry mouth. It reduces saliva flow in your mouth, increasing the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Remember that saliva is fundamental in your mouth and will help neutralize acids and remineralize your enamel. Saliva also helps to wash away any food particles in your mouth. Thus, oral infections are highly likely for people with a dry mouth.

Gingival Overgrowth

Medications such as calcium channel blockers and anticonvulsants can lead to the overgrowth of your gum tissues. This leads to the creation of pockets that encourage the growth of bacteria, leading to gum disease over time.

High Risk of Cavities

Medications that contain sugar can increase your risk of cavities. Some drugs can also alter the composition of your saliva, making it less effective in safeguarding your teeth.

Oral Candidiasis

Some medications, such as inhalers or corticosteroids, can suppress your immune system, which disrupts the balance of microorganisms in your mouth. This can encourage the growth of candida albicans, which can lead to oral thrush.

Changes in Taste

Some drugs can also cause alterations in your taste perception. You can have a bitter or metallic taste. This will affect your appetite and dietary habits, impacting your oral health.

Bleeding Gums

Drugs such as anticoagulants increase the risk of bleeding gums. If you are planning to undergo any dental procedure, discuss with your oral health expert the medications you are taking.

Medications can affect your overall health in a significant way. Prolonged use of medicines can lower your immunity and make you susceptible to oral health issues. If you notice any changes in your mouth while on medication, visit your doctor for an alternative medication. It is also advisable to visit a dentist for a check-up. Our clinics are always open to receive you. Book an appointment today.

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