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Final Prosthesis: Reasons for Replacement

Posted on 5/15/2024 by Dr. Matthew C Clayton
Elderly woman enjoying her new smileA final prosthesis is essential to helping people regain their smile and chew food more efficiently, regardless of whether one, several, or the entire arch of teeth needs to be replaced. A final prosthesis could require replacement for many causes, even with good cleaning and upkeep. To find out more about the reasons behind the replacement of a final prosthesis, keep reading.

Why Would My Final Prosthesis Need to Be Replaced?

A person may need to replace their final prosthesis for a variety of reasons. Additionally, the situation for each person is different, so individualized care is a must. Here are just a few of the reasons a final prosthesis may need to be replaced:

Accidents and Injury to the Face

Unexpected events, such as accidents, can occasionally cause a final prosthesis to sustain damage. Hence, it is necessary to replace it.

Prolonged Use aka Wear and Tear

As a result of regular use, the final prosthesis will eventually wear out. A final prosthesis must be replaced if it begins to fracture or break.

How Are Dental Implants Fixed to Prosthesis?

Dental implants allow the attachment of the replacement final prosthesis. The dental implant post is surgically placed where the missing tooth was.

The function of this implant post is to mimic that of a normal tooth root. The process of osseointegration occurs over several months, during which the post fuses with the jawbone to form a robust base for the eventual prosthesis.

An abutment is affixed to the implant post once the healing process is over and the implant has been securely embedded in the jawbone. This abutment can then attach to the finished prosthesis. Each patient receives a final prosthesis that is specifically designed for them, ensuring that they have a functional, comfortable, and natural-looking smile.

Visit Us Right Away to Transform your Smile

Are you prepared to enhance the appearance and functionality of your smile with a final prosthesis? With a final prosthesis, our office will offer you the smile of your dreams using the newest methods and tools.

Do not be afraid to use a final prosthesis to make your smile better. Please make an appointment right now by contacting our dentists and the excellent staff at our office.
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