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What Makes Composite Resin So Good for Fillings

Posted on 7/23/2020 by John Black
What Makes Composite Resin So Good for FillingsAlthough we often do our best to keep our oral health at its best, sometimes you find that cavities and tooth decay still plague many people. In the past, we used amalgam fillings to solve the problem, but with the change in technology, composite resins are now the better option.

What Is Composite Resin?

Structurally, the composite resin is a unique mixture of powdered glass and plastic. Because of this, it is easy to mold and also closely resembles the look and feel a natural tooth has. We use composite resins for both cosmetic purposes and also functional ones. Using this material, we can restore the smile of someone who has chipped teeth, tooth decay, discoloration, closing gaps between teeth, and making them look more even. So, why it a prime material for fillings?

Involves Less Drilling

Unlike amalgam fillings, composite resins do not need much of the entire tooth to be removed. Once we have taken care of the affected area, we can then move forward with the bonding process. This way, you are left with as much of your natural tooth as possible, which helps keep the tooth healthier. The old way of doing things often meant that a considerable chunk would be removed, which means the tooth that remains will not be as strong.

Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

As compared to the other fillings, composite resins have fewer instances of tooth sensitivity. That's because of the material and how well it bonds to the tooth. However, it's important to note that there might be a bit of sensitivity right after the procedure, but this should dissipate quickly.

Bonds Quickly With the Existing Tooth

Composite fillings are a favorite for us because it bonds well to the teeth. There are essentially two ways the substance can be applied; as overlays or on lays. Once the material is ready for application, the target tooth is prepped, and the bonding process can begin. Once the application is done, we only need to shine a special light on the tooth, and the filling hardens within seconds. That means that your filling can be a one-day job, which is excellent news for many patients.
If you are wondering which fillings are right for you, then come in for a consultation. We can then address the pros and cons of each and then we can work together to decide on the best one for you.
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