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Eating Nuts is Great for Protein but Not Always Good for Teeth

Posted on 7/7/2020 by John Black
Eating Nuts is Great for Protein but Not Always Good for TeethEating nuts is a great way to get a lot of nutrients and calories in without a whole lot of food. They are one of the most efficient foods that you could ask for while pleasing your taste buds; we absolutely approve of them. However, tree nuts are often times hard and can be a threat to weakened teeth. They can also cause you problems if you eat them irresponsibly. We will be going over how you can eat nuts safely so that you can get the nutritional benefits without breaking your teeth!

How to Safely Eat Nuts

If you are buying nuts that are in their shell, please do not use your teeth to open them; that is asking for chipped/worn teeth. Instead, invest in a nutcracker or try some other creative way that doesn't involve your body to open them up. Nuts have shells for a reason, they are there to protect the edible insides and they will give your teeth a serious fight that is not worth losing!

Next, if you are eating hard nuts such as almonds, chew softly instead of biting down hard. Fast chewing can cause chipping to teeth that are worn or have a compromised structure due to poor dental filling job.

Which Nuts Are Best?

All of the popular edible nuts are going to be good for you. Cashews are one of the best for your teeth overall, they have a very light crunch and help aid in cleaning your teeth while stimulating saliva. Peanuts, while technically legumes and not nuts have vitamin D and calcium for building strong teeth. And lastly, almonds also contain a good amount of calcium and are the most popular nut in America.

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