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:When Gums Pull Away from Your Teeth, It Can lead to Dental Issues

Posted on 9/21/2020 by John Black
:When Gums Pull Away from Your Teeth, It Can lead to Dental IssuesGum recission is the condition where the gums lose their density and recede from the teeth, exposing more of the teeth as the gums decrease. Causes of gum recission include periodontitis, chewing tobacco, and injuries to the mouth. In many cases, gum recission is unstoppable, though it can be treated and controlled with professional assistance and good oral care. Ignoring gum recission, however, can be a costly mistake both for the natural teeth and for the body's overall health.

Symptoms of Receding Gums

Bad breath or halitosis is one indicator of receding gums. When gums become swollen or red, this can be a sign of gum disease. Receding gums can also leave a terrible taste in the patient's mouth. The recission of the gums can cause teeth to look long or unusual; these are typically the first visual cues of gum recission. Patients with loose teeth should contact our office immediately, as this is a serious symptom of receding gums.

Problems Associated with Receding Gums

Studies by the CDA indicate that 70% of adult tooth loss can be attributed to receding gums. As the gums recede, they expose the teeth's roots which become sensitive to heat, cold, and pressure. Exposed teeth roots are also more vulnerable to decay. Since gum recission is often caused by the harmful bacteria in our mouth, it's possible that the bacteria travel to other parts of the body, causing problems like heart disease.

The sooner that gum problems are detected, the simpler it will be to address and treat them. Attempting to ignore gum recission will only lead to further problems in the future. And catching a dental problem sooner is cheaper to reacting to a full-blown oral catastrophe. If you suspect that you have health problems with your gums, contact our office immediately.
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