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Complications That Can Come with Ignoring Abscess Symptoms

Posted on 9/7/2020 by John Black
Complications That Can Come with Ignoring Abscess SymptomsIt hurts, but it's more than just an ache when you chew. A severe, throbbing pain erupts in your mouth and jaw when you eat, drink, and talk. Your face swells, your temperature rises, and you find yourself wishing more than anything that you could make it stop. Pain medicine worked before, but it's gotten to the point that the recommended dosage doesn't even dull the agonizing sensations. It hurts, but that's only the beginning of your troubles when you ignore a tooth or gum abscess.

Killer Infection

Curiously, many people will willingly suffer through the described agony in the hopes that an abscess will simply go away on its own. Unfortunately, they don't go away without medical treatment and that pain is an indicator that the infection is spreading. Once it has spread past the initial infected tooth, you may lose the tooth, but that does not mean the problem is gone. Your teeth are directly connected to each other through your jaw, and when it gets infected it will weaken its hold on your other teeth. Not concerned about losing your teeth? What about your breath? Your mouth contains direct passageways to your sinuses, which are extremely susceptible to infection. When confronted with prolonged exposure, infected sinuses can make it difficult to breath. Still not interested treatment? Well then it will just keep spreading to your blood stream and develop into Septicemia. At this point, you'll have to sign up for a long stay at the hospital for antibiotic treatment in order to cure what once was a toothache. In the absolute worst-case scenario, an abscess in your mouth can spread to your brain and become nearly impossible to treat.

Please don't try to 'tough it out.' If you're experiencing any kind of pain in your mouth for any amount of time, call us and make an appointment to get the problem corrected. A visit to our office is much easier than to the ER.
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