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Make a List of Questions Ahead of Your Next Appointment

Posted on 11/16/2020 by John Black
Make a List of Questions Ahead of Your Next AppointmentAs a patient, you might be having questions in your mind that will help us find the best treatment for the procedures we offer. It is more of you get what you give in these situations. Asking questions is the best way to make the most of your dental appointment. Most people think a pre-appointment questionnaire is basic or negligible, but it can potentially elevate your dental health quality.

How to Create a Detailed Pre-Appointment Questionnaire for Your First Appointment

The list of questions you ask us makes it easier for us when conversing with you during an exam. If it is your first appointment, the list of questions should be more detailed and straight to the point. Provide the current records of the drugs and herbal substances you have been using or those you are currently using to help manage your dental issues. Include if you are a smoker and if you drink alcohol. A list of any allergies will help us when administering medication; if you know what causes your allergy, add the details. Don't forget to add your medical history and a list of the dentists or dental offices you have visited before.

Not the First Appointment? Here Is How to Detail Your List of Questions

If it is not your first visit to our offices, do not worry about providing a lot of information. We have a detailed record of our patient's medical history, name, and any other medical-related records. The list might exclude some info, but there are some that you must jot down for your next appointment. A write-up of your side effects and your symptoms, if possible, include the potential triggers. These questions will help them understand how your body is responding to the treatment. Call our offices for more information on what questions may help with your diagnosis and treatment.
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