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What We See When Using an Intra-Oral Camera

Posted on 12/7/2020 by John Black
What We See When Using an Intra-Oral CameraImproved technology, especially in dentistry, has simplified our work as dentists. Diagnosis and treatment are now faster and more accurate, thanks to the invention of more advanced dental tools. The intra-oral camera is one such technology that provides reliable results regarding your dental condition.

Uses of an Intra-Oral Camera

An Intra-oral camera can zoom in on your teeth to provide your teeth' timely and accurate condition. The device displays conditions, such as broken teeth, decay, plaques, tartar, worn-out fillings, misaligned teeth, tissue infections, spaces between teeth, damaged gums, and other disorders. With an intra-oral camera and our dentists' help, you can see the state of your mouth in real-time through a monitor, which enables you to ask any pressing questions about your dental health and get instant feedback. This device also allows digital and physical printing and storage of photos of your dental results that we can use to track your progress or for insurance reasons.

How an Intra-Oral Camera Works

An Intra-oral camera can zoom in on your teeth, gums, oral tissues on the check, jawbone, and upper and lower mouth floors; hence, provide a timely and accurate condition of your oral health. This dental equipment is a small digital camera that can easily fit in your mouth. It is wired to a computer or connected wirelessly using an SD memory card. The device has high quality LED lights at its tip, which improves the image for better, more accurate results. The end of the intra-oral wand has an intraoral camera, which we swab into your mouth, and a real-time video of your dental shows on the monitor. Finally, we sterilize it for safety measures. This procedure is more accurate and reliable compared to a standard visual examination to detect oral disorders. Call us for more information involving an intra-oral camera to help solve your dental health problems.
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