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Reasons Why Your Gums Might Be Swelling

Posted on 1/25/2021 by John Black
Reasons Why Your Gums Might Be SwellingOur gums play a very important role in our overall oral health, but many people often tend to overlook their importance. Everyone knows they are supposed to take care of their teeth, but gums usually get unnoticed.

As it turns out, gums need proper care as well, for they are prone to swelling and infections.

Swollen gums are a common dental issue experienced by many people that can cause serious discomfort and annoyance. If swollen gums aren't treated well in time, they can bulge out, leading to increased sensitivity, pain, irritation, and even bleeding.

Swelling in gums is usually caused due to bacterial plaque that builds up along the edge of your gum lines, but that's not it. There are many other reasons why your gums might be swelling. Take a look.

Incorrect Brushing Techniques

If you tend to brush or floss your teeth too roughly and vigorously, it's probably why your gums might be swelling. Poor oral hygiene is a common cause for swollen gums, so the best thing to do here is to brush and floss gently without adding any pressure to your teeth.

Ulcers In the Mouth

Mouth ulcers and canker sores are two other common causes of swollen gums. Mouth ulcers particularly occur due to various factors such as skin rashes in the mouth, reaction to certain medications, or accidental biting on the inside of the cheek.

Sensitivity to Toothpaste

It is possible that the toothpaste or mouthwash you use is causing your gums to swell. It's often due to allergic reactions to the product being used, probably due to the ingredients present in it.

If you happen to be dealing with swollen gums and need more information on it, call us at (662) 586-2311 today where Dr. Black and will help you understand its symptoms, causes, treatment, and preventive measures.
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