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Caring for Your Mouth With Dentures

Posted on 2/8/2021 by John Black
Caring for Your Mouth With DenturesDentures are one of the most common prosthetics used by our patients. They are non-invasive and when done correctly, can last a long time. Many patients wonder what the best practices to clean their dentures are.

Cleaning Your Dentures

We always recommend washing your dentures properly after every meal. You can either take the dentures out of your mouth to rinse them or rinse your mouth by swishing the water back-and-forth carefully. If you take your dentures out, make sure you always place them on a towel. This prevents your dentures from breaking in case they fall.

It is also important to clean your mouth when you take out your dentures. To do this, you can use a soft bristle brush or a gauze to wipe your tongue, gums, and the back of your palate. You should then brush your dentures thoroughly using the same soft bristle brush. Make sure the brush is not too hard or it may cause abrasions on the dentures.

Take your time to clean it carefully so there are no food particles stuck to it. Place your dentures in the cleaning liquid overnight. This will give your dentures a nice sheen and protect their integrity as well.

Handling Your Dentures

It is important to handle your dentures with care. Do not try to bend or flex them too much or they may lose their shape. If there are food particles stuck to it, floss them out rather than using a toothbrush to clean. Also, remember to keep up with your regular dental appointments with us so we can check the health of your dentures and your mouth. If you lose or put on weight, we may have to replace your dentures since they may not fit snugly. For the best denture health, visit our professionals so we can check and let you know if you are on the right track.
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