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How Sugar Interacts with Your Oral Bacteria

Posted on 5/24/2021 by John Black
How Sugar Interacts with Your Oral BacteriaSugar loves mingling with the bacteria, which causes dental decay. Therefore, you need to cut down on eating sugar (including hidden sugar) at mealtime and at snack time.

Why Sugar Is Damaging

While sugar may seem harmless, you should avoid it as much as possible. Instead of eating a diet high in sugar, which can lead to dental decay and health conditions, such as diabetes, it is better to focus on whole foods naturally low in sugar. When sugar combines with the bacteria in the saliva, it forms a substance called plaque that lingers on a tooth's surface and eats away at the enamel.

Unstable Blood Glucose Levels

When you eat sugar, your glucose level in the blood will spike sharply before plunging. Therefore, when the sugar level decreases, you will want to get another sugar fix. This type of craving produces a situation where the glucose level never really solidly stays fixed. The rise and fall of glucose in the blood can trigger health problems, such as diabetes. Diabetes, in turn, can lead to dental conditions, such as dry mouth, which increase the incidence of cavities and gum disease.

Immune System Functioning

Sugar also impacts the immune system. Research suggests that eating too much sugar can interfere with the immune response. In turn, this type of imbalance can also lead to oral health problems with infection and dental decay. Sugar also has been shown to accelerate aging, which impacts oral health.

Sugar and Gum Disease

Along with dental decay, gum disease also has a direct link to sugar. If gum disease becomes advanced, the resulting infection can spread through the body and even lead to the body breaking down.

A sugar fix or sugar craving is something you need to overcome. We can help you break the cycle by encouraging routine dental care at home and a healthy dietary change. Give us a call today to arrange an exam and consultation.

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