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Options We Have to Treat Small Cavities

Posted on 8/23/2021 by Evan
Options We Have to Treat Small CavitiesDental cavities are tiny holes in the enamel of your teeth. The enamel, which is the hard outer surface of your tooth, can be invaded by bacteria and weaken over time.

Most of us have experienced the shock of finding out we have a small cavity. This is not uncommon, as over 60% of the population has a cavity. As small cavities may not show any symptoms, patients do not often realize that they have them. At any rate, when we discover a cavity, we have several options to treat it.

Several Different Options for Small Cavities

If the cavity is caught early and is small enough, it is possible to treat the small cavity with a fluoride treatment. Using highly concentrated fluoride, calcium, and phosphates, we may be able to keep the decay from penetrating the tooth.

We also have another way to avoid a filling. If you have a tiny cavity on a molar, we may be able to use a tooth-colored plastic coating called a sealant. This will be applied to the chewing surface, and the material will bond to the topography of your tooth.

If we determine your tooth needs a filling, we can use a tooth-colored option to fill your small cavity. We may do a combination of things and use a filling and a dental sealant to provide extra protection.

Make Your Appointment

Prevention is the best medicine for small cavities. If you suspect you have a cavity, call our office today. Make sure you are brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day. Prioritize your appointments with us.

We look forward to doing a professional cleaning and dental exam on your mouth. We want to help you have a beautiful smile as well as the best possible oral health.
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