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What Happens During Your Postpartum Checkup and Why It Is So Important to Your Teeth and Gums

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Evan
What Happens During Your Postpartum Checkup and Why It Is So Important to Your Teeth and Gums
A postpartum checkup is a medical checkup you undergo after conceiving a baby. This process is meant to ensure you are recovering well from childbirth and labor. A postpartum checkup is very important because new mothers are at risk of developing serious health complications. Apart from checking on the overall health, a postpartum checkup is also crucial for oral health. Here are reasons why that is the case.

The Importance of a Postpartum Checkup to Your Oral Health

Postpartum checkup mostly involves assessing your overall health and if you are recovering well from childbirth. The blood pressure is analyzed to ascertain the state of your body. This is important because some mothers tend to develop blood pressure complications after delivery. If you delivered through a surgical procedure, the wound will also be checked for any possible infections.

Your oral health is also a crucial factor in postpartum checkups. After delivery, it is not uncommon for new mothers to ignore their oral health. At this time, probably due to getting committed to their newborns, mothers pay less attention to flossing and brushing. This is dangerous and could easily lead to oral infections. At the postpartum checkup, the condition of your teeth and gums is analyzed through an oral exam. This is very important for your teeth and gums because the presence of bacteria could be dangerous. In case of any infections, you need to come in for treatment immediately.

All New Moms Should Come In and See Us

In fact, we encourage new moms to come in regularly for oral exams. During the first few months after delivery, the risk of oral infections is high. Therefore, you need to put measures in place to protect yourself. This will not only improve your oral health but also stabilize your overall health. Contact us for more information on the importance of postpartum checkups to your oral health.
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