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Do You Get Your Tongue Clean Enough to Not Have Bad Breath Issues?

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Evan
Do You Get Your Tongue Clean Enough to Not Have Bad Breath Issues?Most people know the importance of brushing and cleaning teeth on a regular basis. However, only a few understand that the tongue also needs regular cleaning. This is because the tongue is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and could lead to bad breath if not cleaned. It is important to know the importance of cleaning your tongue on a regular basis.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Tongue

It is recommended that you brush your teeth for two full minutes. This time is enough for you to brush your teeth and other important parts like the tongue. By cleaning your tongue thoroughly, you help boost your oral health significantly. Like mentioned earlier, the tongue is a hotbed of bacteria. In fact, most cases of bad breath are caused by the build-up of bacteria on your tongue. This happens when the bacteria feeds on food particles and produce gases with a bad odor. Therefore, cleaning your tongue by brushing helps get rid of food debris and prevent the risk of bacteria build-up. Keep in mind that plaque is the main cause of gum disease and tooth decay.

You Need to Make Sure the Entire Surface is Clean

How you clean your tongue also matters. You can clean it using a tongue scraper or a normal toothbrush. Both of these items are designed to clean the surface of your tongue thoroughly. However, tongue scrapers are easier to use as you have to only guide them across the tongue. It is recommended that you clean your tongue gently regardless of the tool you are using. If you are not sure of how to clean your to tongue, our professionals are ready to help. We can also equip you with an effective brushing technique that will leave your mouth clean. Schedule a consultative appointment with us for more information on the importance of cleaning your tongue.
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