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Are There Different Types Of Dental Bridge?

Posted on 2/7/2022 by Evan
Are There Different Types Of Dental Bridge?Dental bridges are a type of restoration for replacing one or several teeth. Many people see a bridge as a removable tooth replacement option, however, dentists tend to have a different opinion. They consider bridges as a kind of device that is attached to the teeth and is not removable by a patient. Different bridge options exist.

Dental Bridges Overview

In every kind of dental bridge, a pontic is attached. The pontic is the replacement tooth and provides tooth function. It attaches to a support through abutments or retainers. The design of the supporting structures varies based on the kind of bridge. All bridges require adjacent structures to support them. The pontic lies above the gum tissue.

Traditional Bridge

It is the most popular and uses dental crowns that cover the teeth on both sides of the gap. A dentist attaches the pontic to the abutment crowns to allow the bridge to become a big unit. How many pontics you get depends on the number of teeth needing replacement. Along with the retainer crowns, a traditional bridge for one tooth forms a three-unit setup.

Cantilever Bridge

This type of bridge uses one abutment tooth placed on one side of the gap. Therefore, the pontic has one attachment to an adjacent tooth. A dentist attaches a dental crown to the strongest tooth close to the area. This option is suitable for small teeth that encounter minimal chewing forces.

Implant-Supported Bridge

When we talk of implant-supported bridges, they are like the regular bridges except that they use implants for support rather than relying on adjacent teeth. You may consider these bridges if you have several missing teeth.

If you need bridges, visit our dental office for evaluation. We will assess your specific case to establish what kind of bridge best works for you. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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