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What is Bone Resorption?

Posted on 3/7/2022 by Evan
What is Bone Resorption?When you lose a tooth or multiple teeth, you can experience bone loss or a reduction in bone density. This bone loss is what is called bone resorption. However, bone resorption does not necessarily have to be a process. It is a natural process, as, throughout a person's life, bones remodel themselves through loss of bone and the addition of new bone tissue where they are needed (ossification). The serious risk of bone resorption comes about when the rate of loss is greater than replacement. After a while, you can experience greater loss of bone tissue and density.

Ways of Preventing Bone Resorption

Bone resorption mainly happens when you have missing teeth. When you chew food, the jawbone is generally strengthened through a process called osteosis. When you have missing teeth, this is impossible and it can lead to you losing bone structure.

One of the ways to prevent this is through proper dental practices which will prevent tooth loss. It is therefore important to check on what you eat, brush and floss every day and maintain regular dental visits. This will ensure that you protect your teeth from loss.

Dental Implants

If you already have missing teeth, dental implants are a perfect treatment that can prevent the loss of bone tissue. Dental implants act and feel like your natural teeth, and will help in strengthening your jawbone structure. You get a titanium screw into your gums that act as the root of your natural tooth. It infuses with your jawbone ensuring that osteosis continues to take place.

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Regular dental visits are important to prevent bone resorption from affecting your dental health. Come to our practice to receive optimal care to ensure you maintain maximum optimal health.
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