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Common Dental Infections

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Evan
Common Dental InfectionsDental complications are common to human beings and especially during their childhood stages. While most infections can be avoided, some tend to arrive at unnoticed design hence the need to learn more about the common infections of your oral health.


This is the early stages of gum disease and is caused by various bacteria in the mouth. The formation of plaque in the mouth due to poor dental care is the main factor that fuels gingivitis infections. Once the plaque accumulates around the gum, they realize chemicals and toxins that gums react against, resulting in inflammations and swellings. You may notice bleeding gums, especially while brushing your teeth, due to frequent injury to the swollen gums. The plaque, when left untreated, results in tartar formation, which is hard to remove at home and requires professional removal at our offices. Furthermore, gingivitis may worsen, leading to periodontal diseases and affecting your other organs, such as the liver and brain.

Periodontal Disease

The event where gingivitis has been left unattended for long may result in periodontal infections, which spread beneath the gum line resulting in tooth and bone loss. The infection is detrimental to one's health as it's associated with chronic lung conditions and affects the brain.

Oral Herpes

This condition is brought about by the herpes simplex virus and is associated with flu-like symptoms, blisters, and mouth ulcers. Unfortunately, the virus stays in your body permanently once infected but can permanently affect your general health if treated and maintained correctly.

Mouth Ulcers

These lesions are quite often in children during their adolescence stages. The experts have yet to identify the cause of mouth ulcers but claim that stress, hormones, and food hypersensitivities can lead to complications. The sores may last for about two weeks on the gums and other mouth tissues.
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