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When Is Tooth Extraction Compulsory?

Posted on 8/22/2022 by Evan
When Is Tooth Extraction Compulsory?Tooth extraction refers to the procedure involved in tooth removal to aid dental treatments. Oral surgeons and periodontists usually carry out the procedure. Many patients ask whether it's necessary to extract their teeth as no one wants to have theirs pulled away without significant benefits.

Our dentists will examine your gums, teeth, and mouth before deciding whether to extract your tooth. We consider preserving one's teeth, but a painless extraction procedure is recommended if the situation seems unavoidable. But what are some reasons that may compel tooth extraction as compulsory?

Reasons that Make Tooth Extraction Compulsory

Human beings have two types of teeth: permanent and temporary. The first set of teeth that emerge at a tender age is temporary, while the permanent teeth appear after the first set falls off. Permanent sets of teeth are meant to last for as long as one lives; however, some situations call for tooth extraction.

Severe Tooth Decay

In situations where tooth decay is severe to the point of affecting the tooth pulp, the infection may be detrimental to the tooth structure. As much as root canal procedure is done to prevent further infection and treat the prevailing one, the infection may be severe enough that tooth extraction may be compulsory.

The procedure primarily eliminates the infection's spread to the neighboring teeth. Our dentists offer the safest, most comfortable, and painless tooth extraction procedure. We ensure that a critical examination of your condition is done before recommending the best solution for your problem.

After Accident

Fatal car accidents, especially collisions, often result in damaged, crooked, or chipped teeth. Sometimes though, the impacts may be dreadful such that only a tooth extraction procedure is recommended to preserve infections to the remaining ones or eliminate pain and discomfort. Our offices believe in preserving patients' teeth as long as possible unless the situation worsens and deems otherwise. Contact us for painless, safe, and comfortable tooth extraction and schedule your appointment today.
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