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Understanding Over-Dentures

Posted on 9/19/2022 by Evan
Understanding Over-DenturesMany people are aware that dentures are either fastened around the remaining teeth, as is the case with partial dentures, or they are shaped to match the gums. A substitute for an over-denture is very different. Both the upper and lower jaws can use over dentures, but because the upper jaw has a somewhat lower bone density than the lower, dentists may need to make additional arrangements for support. After the adjacent teeth have been root canalled, clamps are put onto them and a part of the tooth is removed to make room for the clamp. The over-denture is supported by these clamps. The over-denture is incredibly secure once clipped in place and performs nearly as well as natural teeth. Two or more implants will be inserted to act as supports or abutments if there are no healthy teeth left to do so. This gives the over-denture the same strength as real tooth roots and enables it to work well.

Implant-Supported Over Dentures

Over-dentures that are supported by implants inserted into the mandibular and maxillary jawbones are known as implant-supported dentures. They aid in maintaining your present bone to stop further bone loss. This will make the bones more stable and give the skin a more young appearance. Two surgical procedures are normally necessary for an implant-supported over- denture: one to insert the implant into the jawbone and another to uncover the implant so a personalized prosthetic can be created. When it is time to go to bed or when the patient has to clean it, the implant-supported over-denture can be taken out.

Fixed Implant-Supported Over Denture

Similar to a removable over-denture, a fixed implant-supported over-denture is secured in place by screws and cannot be taken out by the patient. To remove the prosthetic, you would require our dentist to carefully unscrew it. For more information call us today.
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