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What Is an Abscess?

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Evan
What Is an Abscess?At the tip of the root, an abscess called periapical develops. At the side of a tooth root, the gums develop a periodontal abscess. This article contains details on periapical abscesses. A dental cavity that is left untreated, an injury, or previous dental work are the most common causes of periapical tooth abscesses. At the tip of the root, the infection that results from the irritation and swelling might lead to an abscess. A tooth abscess is treated by our dentists by draining it and eliminating the infection.

How is an Abscessed Tooth Treated?

The purpose of treatment is to get rid of the infection and stop complications. To drain the pus, our dentist makes a little incision in the abscess. To keep the region accessible for drainage, a tiny rubber drain may occasionally be put.

Root Canal

This choice aids in eradicating the infection and preserving your tooth. The inner pulp of the tooth is removed during this routine surgery, and the empty space is filled with substances to stop further infection. When a tooth is developing, the inner pulp is crucial, but after the tooth is fully developed, it can function without it. Once the operation is done, your tooth should return to normal. The restored tooth may last a lifetime with proper care. When a tooth cannot be salvaged, our dentist may have to pull it out or extract it, allowing the pus in the socket to drain.


Even while you might not need antibiotics if the infection is only in the abscessed area, our dentist may administer them to you. It is crucial to understand that while this drug might aid in the fight against lingering germs, the impacted tooth, which is the infection's root, will still remain. For more information call us today.
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