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At What Age Should A Baby Start Seeing A Dentist?

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Evan
At What Age Should A Baby Start Seeing A Dentist?Good dental hygiene for your child can reduce the risk of them having dental conditions in the future. With regular brushing and flossing, your child will have strong teeth. However, this is not enough to ensure the health of their teeth.

Scheduling professional dental exams for your child is vital. The first dental visit should be by 12 months, during their first birthday. It can also be six months after the first tooth erupts. Continue reading and learn how your child will benefit from regular dental visits.

It Creates a Positive Attitude toward Dental Appointments

When your child visits a dentist when young, they will get used to this practice. The fear of having dental visits will lessen, and they will understand that this practice is for their own well-being. When the child gets a healthy attitude toward dental exams, they will not have to wait long when they experience dental issues.

Catch Oral Issues Early

Regular dental checkups for your kid can help to catch oral issues early before they worsen. For instance, jaw misalignment can lead to gapped teeth, crowded teeth, open bites, and underbites. If left untreated, these oral issues can lead to severe conditions such as tooth decay. Let's take crowded teeth as an example. When your child has crowded teeth, cleaning the teeth can be challenging, which results in plaque buildup.

This may, in turn, lead to tooth decay or gum diseases. If jaw misalignment was addressed early, your child couldn't experience these issues. That's why you need to embrace regular dental visits for your child.

Deep Cleaning

Plaque buildup mostly occurs in kids. Many children lack the skills to brush and floss their teeth. This is where dental visits come in. The dentist will remove plaque and food particles to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases. Besides, tooth discoloration may start with the baby's first tooth. In this case, it would be best to allow our professionals to keep a close watch on your baby's oral health.
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