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How Do I Care for My Baby's Teeth?

Posted on 12/5/2022 by Evan
How Do I Care for My Baby's Teeth?Sometimes, people ignore babies' dental care and only wait until the children can control their mortal skills to introduce dental care. Dental care should, however, start even before the child's first tooth. You do not have to use a toothbrush until she begins teething because a toothbrush can irritate her gums.

Using a damp cloth

You can provide proper dental care even before they teeth by using a damp washcloth to clean around their gums and mouth. This will clean out any harmful bacteria. You can use this method until they properly start teething.

Infant Toothbrush

An infant toothbrush is tailored to be as gentle as possible. Use it with very little toothpaste and brush whatever you can. Even though you won't be cleaning much, you will introduce a culture of daily brushing to your children.

When your baby's teeth connect, you can floss between them to remove any trapped particles and plaque between them. Once they develop their mortal skills, teach them how to brush their teeth. Help them out until they can do it well on their own. From the age of three upwards, you can use pea-sized toothpaste with their toothbrush.

Baby's Bottle

A baby's bottle contains sugar from their milk and juice. It is therefore crucial that the bottles are well-cleaned. Also, avoid putting them to sleep with their bottle in their mouth since over time, those sugars will be digested by bacteria to form acids that can erode their teeth and cause tooth decay. Sugar is harmful to their teeth, so it is important to introduce healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables at this age.

Dentist Visits

Dentist visits are important for them as the idea of seeing one becomes normalized even as they grow older. These visits also help you as a parent know what to do or avoid concerning your baby's dental care.

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