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Multiple Tooth Extraction Pontotoc MS

For children, multiple teeth may be extracted before the placement of braces. For young adults, they have multiple, specifically four, teeth removed when having their wisdom teeth removed. For adults, multiple teeth being removed is done when multiple teeth are no longer healthy, often in preparation for the placement of dentures. Removal many teeth at one time are quite a different experience versus a single tooth extraction. Patients will need to be very observant of healing, and if they are being removed for dentures, there will be a process of contouring and reshaping of the bone before the denture is placed.

Removing multiple teeth will require careful watch for complications in the days after surgery. Following instructions should minimize problems, including swelling and infection. In most cases, we will want to evaluate your condition by phone or in person 1-2 days following extraction. If you are having immediate dentures inserted, some patients may feel sore spots develop while their body is adjusting. Dr. Black can make necessary adjustments to help relieve soreness, patients who try to ignore soreness may find their healing process prolonged.

What to Expect Immediately After Surgery

Following your surgical procedure, you will be asked to keep the gauze pad that has been placed over the surgical area in place for at least half an hour. This will assist in applying pressure to the open wound while it develops a clot. Following this, the gauze can be removed and discarded.

Patients who are still bleeding following the gauze being removed can place another gauze and attempt biting down on it again, or some patients have found biting down on a tea bag to be helpful. If bleeding persists or seems abnormal, contact our office or seek medical help.

Once the clot has formed, we want it to remain in place. To keep it in place, we ask that you do not touch it, do not swish vigorously, and do not drink through straws. Upsetting or dislodging the clot can induce bleeding.

We advise patients to take the prescribed pain medication as directed. If you have had negative experiences with pain medication, inform us and we can help find the right medication for you.

Restrict normal activities for a few days after surgery, we want your body’s focus to be on healing. Resume normal tasks as you feel comfortable. Ice packs will help with the swelling, which some level of swelling is to be expected.

Be cautious of anything that seems out of the ordinary. If you experience severe or abnormal bleeding, swelling, pain, nausea, or run a fever contact our office and seek medical attention immediately. Infection can be a serious problem.

What to Expect for Healing

We would advise patients that normal healing following a tooth extraction would be as follows. Most patients experience pain and discomfort for about two days. We advise you to continue pain medication, ice packs, and minimal activity during this time. We would recommend a liquid diet during this time, but not with the use of a straw. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Most patients feel better by the third day, though may still be experiencing some swelling. With each day you will begin to feel better. If you are not, contact our office.

Wearing  your New Prosthesis

During the healing phase, you will want to wear any partial dentures or flippers only when leaving the house. We want your surgical site to be able to heal undisturbed. If you had all of your teeth removed and were given a full denture, you are asked to wear your device for the first 24 hours following surgery. The concern is that If you remove your new denture prematurely, the soft tissues will swell and then not allow you to place the denture.

Our staff at South Main Dental should be contacted for all possible complications or questions.
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For adults, multiple teeth being removed is done when multiple teeth are no longer healthy, often in preparation for the placement of dentures. Call today!
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