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Root Canal Therapy Pontotoc MS

Woman smiling about her root canal therapy by South Main Dental in Pontotoc, MSIn today's modern dentist office, the general goal is to save your natural teeth as often as possible. To this end, our dentists at South Main Dental will attempt different treatments to avoid having to extract your tooth if at all possible. One of these treatments is known as root canal therapy.

This is an important treatment that often serves as the last line of defense against extracting a tooth, and therefore is something you might very well experience should you find yourself with an infected or otherwise injured tooth. To help quell fear and uncertainty about the procedure, we wanted to give you some basic information about the process.

What is root canal therapy?

Often known simply as a root canal, this kind of therapy is used to help relieve any pain that you are experiencing and ultimately save your tooth. During a root canal, we will drill into your tooth in order to access the inflamed or infected pulp and abscess. This material will then be removed and the inside of your tooth will be cleaned and disinfected.

We will then fill your tooth back up with material designed to help avoid decay, and your treatment will be complete.
Note that the area will be numbed for this entire process, so you shouldn't worry about experiencing pain or discomfort.

Are root canals uncommon?

While root canals are not ideal, they are far from uncommon. In fact, millions of teeth experience this procedure every year and are saved as a result. Remember that many other people have experienced root canal therapy, and many more will do so after your own is complete.

Try not to worry about the process and instead look forward to being able to eat and speak normally again, without the pain that the infected tooth was causing.

Why should I get root canal therapy?

Some patients, when faced with the prospect of a root canal, would prefer to simply have the tooth in question extracted. This is not the best option, however, for a variety of reasons. First of all, it is very important to maintain the structural integrity of your mouth.

Without it, you will find yourself having a hard time doing things like eating, drinking, swallowing, or even speaking. When a tooth is removed, this structure begins to break down. Remaining teeth might drift out of place, for example, and your jaw bone might begin to break down with no tooth to hold in place. This can lead to excess strain on your remaining teeth, which might up your risk of wear and tear or infection.

You should have root canal therapy in order to save your tooth and maintain the natural and normal function of your mouth and jaw. This is the option that we recommend because it is, overall, the best outcome that you will get.

Are you interested in learning more about root canal therapy and how it can help meet your oral health needs and goals? Contact us today at (662) 586-2311!
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We may recommend root canal therapy in order to save your tooth and maintain the natural and normal function of your mouth and jaw. Give us a call today!
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