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TMJ Treatment

A woman experiencing TMJ related pain in Pontotoc, MSHere at South Main Dental in Pontotoc, MS we want all of our patients to be comfortable, both in our office and at home. One issue that can seriously affect comfort is TMJ disorders. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, which is the joint that allows you to open and close your mouth. Millions of Americans suffer from TMJ disorders, which can lead to quite a few quality of life issues. We can treat TMJ disorders and help to give you the relief that you deserve.

What is the TMJ?

As mentioned above, TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, which is the joint that allows the mouth to open and close. The TMJ is a surprisingly complicated joint as it has a much wider range of movement than most joints. Many joints move primarily in one direction and give a little bit in secondary and tertiary directions. The TMJ has quite a wide range of motion. It can move up and down, side to side, and even back and forth quite a bit. You may not realize it when you eat, but chewing involves all of these movements.

What Are the Symptoms?

Many patients experience a popping or clicking feeling that may or may not be accompanied by a noise. One of the most common symptoms of TMJ disorders is fatigue or pain in the jaw. It can be hard to know if you have a TMJ issue, which is why it is important to come in for an examination if you experience any of the following symptoms:
•  Persistent or chronic headaches where you experience pressure around the ears or behind the eyes
•  A locking of the jaw when you open your mouth wide
•  Clicking and popping in the jaw when you yawn, chew, or speak
•  A noticeable change in the way that your teeth fit together
•  Fatigue, tenderness, or pain in the jaw that is chronic and recurring

TMJ Disorder Treatment

There are a few different ways to treat TMJ issues, most of them are dependant on what the cause of the disorder is. If you are experiencing TMJ issues and need some temporary relief while you wait to be seen by us, over-the-counter pain medication can help. Anytime you are taking any medications, please follow the dosage instructions and warnings.

The first step toward treating the issue will be a thorough examination, where we will try to determine the cause of the issue. One of the most common reasons that patients suffer from TMJ disorders is nighttime tooth grinding, also known as bruxism. When the jaw is working throughout the night to grind your teeth, it can become fatigued and irritated. In this case, we might choose to treat the problem with a mouthguard.

If your bite has changed, we may have to alter the way your teeth fit together with dental bonding or even referral to someone who can treat alignment issues, like an orthodontist. Our goal is to find the cause of the issue so that we can help you to achieve relief fast and effectively. We understand how frustrating TMJ disorders can be and we pledge to help you find relief!

Call us today at (662) 586-2311, to schedule an appointment.

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(662) 586-2311
209 S. Main St, Pontotoc, MS 38863
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